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European Burnout Championship

Santa Pod Raceway is no stranger to tyre-shredding action, but this year a new sport is about to emerge into Europe and it bids to take on the US and the Australians. The European Burnout Championship has been working with the Ozzies to bring the sport they’ve developed and owned to the shores of the UK.

Ultimate Street Car will be the host to the first ever round of this unique sport and fans will be treated to a high-octane, burnout, smoke show as those in Rear Wheel Drive cars will do battle in the Live Action arena against the already action-packed line up.

Drivers will have to impress a panel of judges, as well as the crowd, with their burnout skills. In timed runs, drivers will need to bellow smoke and keep a continuous demo while taking reduced scores for remaining static.

If you’re interested in inhaling the action from the side lines then make sure your at the USC weekender, for those who’d like to shred tyres and see if they have what it takes to take on the Australians at their own game apply via the European Burnout Championship Facebook page.

(Sunday) Live Action Arena



USC Burn Out Competition (Sat)

For those with FWD Cars or who don't wish to take part in the EDC then there will also be the usual Burn Out Competition. It’s idiotic, antisocial, and a huge amount of fun! There is something so satisfying about cooking a tyre until it pops that we simply couldn’t go without another burnout contest at USC. The winner is simply the guy/girl who gets the biggest cheer, so improve your chances by finding a car with enough power to actually keep the wheels going, or why not try cheating? A good fancy dress outfit or attractive girl on the team can make all the difference to your popularity!

(Saturday) Live Action Arena



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