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ULTIMATE STREET CAR 2015 - Fri 31st July to Sun 2nd August

USC at Santa Pod Raceway is the Largest, Loudest, Hottest and Fastest, modified car festival in Europe featuring Run What Ya Brung public track time, Drag Racing, Music, Club Camping, Traders, Show & Shine, Drifting, Stunts Displays, Jet Car and much more, it's the UK's most extreme Car Show.

2015 details coming soon.


The Fast Show

The Fast Show - Sunday 22nd March 2015

Before USC 2015 the season-opener for all performance and modified car enthusiasts is The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway with RWYB, FWD Drag Series and Jap Drag Series, Show & Shine, stunt shows, traders, car clubs and “N2O” heated nightclub on Saturday night! Full details at www.TheFastShow.com




Read a report from Ultimate Street Car 2014 below, view photos on the Facebook Gallery here and watch the highlights video.

USC 2014 Highlights Video

USC 2014 Report

USC 2014 certainly lived up to its reputation of the largest, loudest, hottest and fastest modified car festival in Europe. We had it all from a rammed high calibre show car paddock, to European records on the drag strip.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer USC 2014

Friday began bright and early and it didn’t take long before the campsites began to fill.
The drag strip was of course the focal point for the whole weekend and a hive of activity. There were some incredible passes from the FWD & JDS championship racers as well as the exhibition vehicles and who can forget those crazy Portuguese!? Congratulations to them for being the first FWD diesel to break into the 9’s anywhere in Europe – hopefully that pass made the 36 hour drive worthwhile!

The Jap Drag Series Street class had a depleted field of only 4 cars throughout the weekend and it was David Greenhalgh who dominated and took the win by some margin. David was the only driver to run under 10 seconds with a brace of mid – 8 second passes:

JDS spacer JDS spacer JDS Winner
David Greenhalgh
Runner Up
Jeff Ludgate

The Competition Clutch FWD Drag Series saw 6 cars put in qualifying times, 3 of which were in the 10 second zone so on race day it was always going to be close. The event win went to number one qualifier Sam Bolton who had been running consistent low 10’s all weekend.
Adding to the track action was the incredible FireForce Jet Funny car that made a number of sub 6 second passes.

FWD spacer FWD spacer FWD Winner
Sam Bolton

The Live Action Arena played host to the first ever car-man-wealth games on Friday afternoon which provided some great hilarity from one of our drunk yet surprisingly skilled (or lucky) contestants who actually took an early pretty convincing lead! The games included pushing, throwing, kicking and rolling and in the end sober-ness prevailed and it was Aaron who kept a cool head and won the case of Stella.

Back by popular demand was the XXX show in the big top tent and then the man vs food competition. This one went down to the wire with 2 deserved finalists who had stuffed themselves with sausage, spicy chicken, beetroot and raw egg milkshake and finally crackers. Immediately after claiming the win, Nico simply couldn’t keep it down any more and the results were there for all to see! Congratulations!

After the track closed, it was all about the party as the Bloxed Beats and Boxettes beatboxers warmed up the main stage before Cruise Control finished the night. Over in the Big Top Club MTV had a massive night with Shy FX and MC Stamina whilst Ramshackle had the tunes flowing in the Fuelers Bar.

The Live Action Arena shows kicked off to massive crowds on Saturday with Terry Grant and his fleet of stunt cars, Lee Bowers and his fleet of stunt bikes and Tony Dixon with his Swamp Thing Monster truck who spent the weekend trying to clear the whole bed of scrap cars in the middle of the arena!

The burnout competition took place in torrential rain to the stage where the organisers were concerned about whether the whole thing would work. How unfounded those thoughts were! A massive number of cars turned out and filled the arena with smoke despite the wet surface. There was all sorts going on and there were times where the cars in the arena were completely unsighted due to tyre smoke! The winner was Lee Parkinson:

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Burn Out Winner
Lee Parkinson

Before the party got going on the Saturday night we had the small matter of the flame out competition to settle and it was repeat winner Chris who narrowly won the crowds appreciation.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Flame Out Winner

Just as the heavens well and truly opened was the handling track competition. The wet conditions made it difficult and incredibly popular but after only 3 runs each around the tight track a winner was decided.

Mr and Miss USC is always fun and flirty and this years competition was no exception. The boys had the usual selection of manly games, downing drinks, press ups, fighting with frozen t-shirts, beer pong and a dance off with the final 2. Congratulations to Dominic Moore who was the eventual winner and well done to everyone who gave it a go!

Mr spacer Mr spacer Mr USC
Dominic Moore

As for the girls, lets just say there was chocolate, dancing and sex positions involved, what more could you wish for? Congratulations to Ceri Ross:

Miss spacer Miss spacer Miss USC
Ceri Ross

Saturday night was a massive night whether you were at the Main Stage for So Solid, in the Big Top where the ladies took over the decks or in the bar for Bass Box, it was a night that the crowds simply did not want to end!

Sunday was competition day in the show paddock and there was a massive number of entries, many of which were of the highest standard which made judging extremely difficult. Thanks to the help of Karl Heath of Autoglym, the judging was completed so congratulations to all of our winners:

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Best of Show
Mark Fisher
VW Golf Edition 30
Marks golf was quite understated but after the first glance you’ll certainly go in for a closer look! This VW had subtle yet effective mods all round. A fitting winner for todays modifying scene.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Best Engine Bay
James Surcridge
RS GT Turbo
Gold! 24ct gold plating! That’s about all we need to say.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Most Extreme
Roger Giugno
Hyundai Accent
Can you guess what it is yet? Yep, it took us a while too. Rogers crazy mods have entirely transformed the car almost beyond recognition and they were clearly all carried out to the highest standard.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Best Exterior
Ollie Burton
Vauxhall Astra van
As this photo shows, this simple but effective paint job was absolutely immaculate, combine that with the wheels and the result is the best exterior trophy.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Best Wheels
Ibrar Jabbar
Toyota Supra
Ibrar was certainly a contender for the Best of Show prize but narrowly missed out, his 14” wide wheels earnt him the best wheels prize.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Best Interior
Nick Brown
Honda Civic Coupe
Nicks car was impressive inside and out but the red leather diamond stitched interior won him this prize. This was installed all around on the inside of the car including the roof lining and even in the boot!

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Best ICE
Mark Shaw
This BMW drew a crowd all day long and with the sound it was kicking out it was hard to ignore!

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Best Retro
Barry Garbett
Ford Escort RS Turbo
Barry’s Escort just about crept into the Retro category and was well turned out in every area earning him the prize.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Best All Rounder
Iain Maple
Peugeot 206
Iains Pug features modifications in every area that had been seamlessly executed. Lambo doors on a Peugeot working so incredibly well, who’d have thought it?

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Judges Choice
Matt Wisbey
Audi A3
This is the one that the judges almost unanimously wanted to take home.

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Show & Go
Aaron Palmer
Mitsubuishi Evo IX MR
Aaron’s Evo ran an impressive 12.97 on the dragstrip scoring highly and he did even better on the show points which meant that although he wasn’t the quickest on track, a good combination of points were enough for the win.

The RWYB competition was as tight as always, congratulations to the following winners:

Class A spacer spacer spacer Class A
FWD without power adders
Mark Postlethwaite
Vauxhall Corsa
12.7598 @ 105.03mph

Class B spacer spacer spacer Class B
FWD with turbo, nitrous and/or supercharger
Peter Wilson
Vauxhall Corsa
11.1515 @ 127.33mph

Class C spacer Class C spacer Class C
4WD/RWD without power adders
Ian Bruckbank
TVR Tuscan
12.4344 @ 116.25mph

Class D spacer Class D spacer Class D
4WD/RWD with turbo, nitrous and/or supercharger
William Chappell
Nissan GTR
10.1665 @ 137.78

Class E spacer spacer spacer Class E
8+ Cylinder Engines
Damian Nelson
Audi RS6
11.3157 @ 123.86

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Class F
Fastest Female
Silvia Santos
Opel Corsa
14.3436 @ 100.96mph

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Class X
Non Road Legal
Stephen Bowen
Mitsubishi Evo 8
9.9216 @ 142.04

USC 2014 spacer USC 2014 spacer Team Mile
Mundo Da Picaria

All of this is in addition to the drift rides, pole dancing, fueltopia barrel sprint, funfair, EMMA display and more!

USC 2014 Photo Gallery

View more photos from USC 2014 on the 2014 Facebook Gallery.


Facebook spacer USC 2014 has a NEW FaceBook page at facebook.com/USC.UltimateStreetCar, "like us" for all the latest show updates, competitions and more.



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